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Tess Untethered | Back Into the Deep off Thailand
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Back Into the Deep off Thailand

Aug 27 2017

Back Into the Deep off Thailand

I’ve been needing to get out of my own head, and out of my own way, for a few weeks, and I finally remembered the best way to do that: go swim with the fishes. Nothing clears away the crap — at least for me — more than the silence and serenity of diving. There’s no room to think about other things when you’re 20 meters underwater, surrounded by corals and clownfish, barracudas and blue sea stars, morays and Moorish idols. Everything else just fades away. I hadn’t been out since January… and I’ll try to never again go that long without strapping into a BCD, slipping on fins, and taking that giant stride off the boat. If only the terrestrial world could find such harmony as I find off the coast of Phuket, Thailand.

I never cease to be amazed by the movements of schooling fish — how they travel like a blob. And how if you’re careful, and slow, they’ll just swim right around you, or let you swim beside them. -Phuket, Thailand

Found him. Again. I don’t understand how anyone can think he’s lost. He’s everywhere. -Phuket, Thailand

This coral reminds me of Sunset Crater National Monument in Arizona… it’s like the lava of the ocean — only yellow instead of black. -Phuket, Thailand

If this is your bike and you forgot where you parked it, let me know. I found it. -Phuket, Thailand

Whoever designed fish had a real eye for color and detail. -Phuket, Thailand

Look closely in the middle there and you’ll see one of the most poisonous creatures of the ocean: the stonefish. Don’t ever, ever step on one of these things. But if you see one while you’re diving, the hand signal is an obvious one — thumb and index finger to your lips like you’re toking up. (I’m not kidding.) -Phuket, Thailand

Giant clams on the sea floor. I thought I’d happened onto the set from Aliens. -Phuket, Thailand

Again… whoever designs fish has both an excellent eye and a great sense of humor. I mean look at this guy! -Phuket, Thailand

This is called a Varicose Wart Slug. Appropriate. -Phuket, Thailand

Not only are the fish spectacular, but ohhhhh that coral. I tried to get a closeup photo of it but my camera failed me. Or I failed my camera probably. -Phuket, Thailand

Straight chillin’. -Phuketm, Thailand

The blue one in the front is called Crown of Thorns. It’s poisonous, and it’s also a threat to coral. In the back, a pale starfish and a closed-up sea anemone. -Phuket, Thailand

Lucked out with two gorgeous, sunny days in the middle of monsoon season. This was the view coming into harbor Friday night. Monsoon on the left, sunset on the right. -Phuket, Thailand

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