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Tess Untethered | Exploring Bangkok’s Back Yard
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Exploring Bangkok’s Back Yard

Sep 03 2017

Exploring Bangkok’s Back Yard

I’ve lived in Bangkok for almost a year and a half. What that means is that it’s become normal to me. It’s no longer some exotic place… it’s my home, however temporary. And I think because of that I’ve slacked off in exploring it.

So today, in an effort to get out and about, three girlfriends and I went to a small island about 14 miles (22km) north of the city center. It’s called Ko Kret and you can only get there by boat. It’s known as a home to the Mon tribe, an ethnic group that originated in neighboring Myanmar. On Ko Kret, the Mon people have developed a specialty in intricate pottery, and you can find it throughout the island.

The food was fried, and so were we by the time we left. But there’s nothing like going somewhere new to rev up the engine. So many more adventures to have in and around Bangkok, in addition to the ones that garner a passport stamp.

The leaning stupa of Ko Kret. Not as famous as its Italian twin, but still very much leaning. Apparently the monks couldn’t push it into place fast enough after a rain…??? -Ko Kret

I was tempted, but couldn’t think of a recent lover who deserved merit. (Thank you so much, ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be here all week try the fish.) -Ko Kret

Cheesy bites baked in clay ramekins. -Ko Kret

The pottery for which the Mon people on Ko Kret are justly famous. -Ko Kret

Spinning the wheel on Ko Kret. I almost busted out my Righteous Brothers impression. -Ko Kret

Still not the final product. -Ko Kret

Dessert row. With, for some reason, an Angry Bird. -Ko Kret

-Ko Kret

Brownies — the universal treat. -Ko Kret

Ko Kret port of entry. -Ko Kret

These tasted like sweetened corn bread. They’re made from palm sugar, I think. -Ko Kret

Fish balls. Fried fish balls. -Ko Kret

There’s a path that goes around the entire island. Signs claim it’s 5k. We’re here to tell you it is NOT 5k. It is longer. -Ko Kret

Fried flowers. Orchids, to be precise. Proof that anything dunked in tempura and fried and salted can taste good. -Ko Kret

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